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Newsletter 7/1/2014

A few small items with a new code release today

Admin info on Booking Matrix
When you mouse over a booking on the matrix (booking by room only – doesn’t apply to lodges booked by bed), we have increased the information shown to include “cot requested” and “optional extra” items.  Should save your lodge manager a little time when getting rooms ready.
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Newsletter 16/12/2013

Sort your members

Your admin page to list all members can now be sorted by name, or number, or member class, or date modified.  Just click on the column header to sort.  Works along with searches too.
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Newsletter 22/8/2013


Clubs that started with us before the beginning of last year were due for an upgrade to get the latest features, planned for spring when your booking systems are quieter.  However we have now upgraded all clubs owing to a deadline from Paypal – changes to their system required us to upgrade everybody so your Paypal transactions would keep working.  Clubs that started with us since the start of last year have been on the latest code release continuously, so now everyone has all the features released this year.  Please take a look at the changes below and check them out on your system.
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Aug, 22

Newsletter 11/4/2013

Reporting on our Summer Maintenance for 2013

We are a bit late with this year’s maintenance owing to clashing deadlines,but most of what we planned is now complete, and deployed to some customers.  If you are interested in an option and don’t see it yet, get in touch and we will put you up the list for deployment.  The reason we don’t deploy a large amount of change to all clubs, especially at this busy booking time, is to minimise any bugs that get ironed out soon after release.
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Apr, 11

Newsletter 27/4/2012

We present many new options, which we you you find useful.  These are now deployed and live on your booking system.  Don’t hesitate to phone if you need a hand to deploy any of these new features.
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Apr, 27

Newsletter 29/10/2011

Works programme – new features

We are planning work on new features for the system for 2012.  As the system is getting more mature there is less to do, but never nothing!
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Oct, 29

Newsletter 5/4/2011

Last feature release for this season – after that, a feature freeze, until the thaw.

The “lodge unavailable” facility has been generalised and renamed “lodge special periods”.  Still called “lodge availability” in the admin menu.  Now, when defining a date range, you can choose whether bookings are allowed or not.  Previously with this facility, bookings are prevented.  The idea is to be able to identify a period with special characteristics, e.g.  “noisy kids week” or “painters in upstairs” so that members know before they arrive.  The mouseover text is shown also to non-members, if you are allowing bookings, but only shown to members, if bookings are prevented.
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Apr, 05




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