This article was written on 01 Mar 2014, and is filed under Alpine Bookings Newsletter.

Newsletter 1/3/2014

Alpha Testing of mobile phone app

In case you aren’t a software developer, alpha testing is where we ask for help to find bugs and give us feedback on usability, before releasing software for beta testing, which is where you ask your customers (members) to find bugs and give feedback.  The new mobile phone app (web app, to be accurate) is entirely new code, sharing only the database with the “old” booking system.  That means we will have invented entirely new bugs, the floor here is littered with squashed ones, but we need your help to find more.

First we have to connect your system up to make the webapp available, so get in touch if you would like to try it.  Don’t tell all the members about it yet!

Making it easy for non-members to pay

That got your attention didn’t it?  A minor improvement to aid convenience, but it helps.  Use this link in your payment instructions:


but this is just for non-members.  Members should use the link

http://your-booking-site/bookings/mybookings.php and this link is probably already in your instructions.

The recommended place to put this link is in Site Config -> Email Details -> find it at


and remember to copy and paste the content of the rich text field into the raw text field below, always when editing rich text email formats.