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Newsletter 5/8/2014

New Mobile and Tablet app live

The mobile/tablet web-app allows bookings (public if you allow them, as well as members).  The app is now in use for clubs which have expressed an interest, and Paypal payments are supported – eWay coming soon.  read more

Aug, 05

Newsletter 17/5/2014

Two problems fixed

Waitlist Bookings Invoicing

Waitlist bookings invoicing is now handled a little differently.  The problem occurred if a WAITLIST booking was changed to TENATITVE or CONFIRMED, then back to WAITLIST then back to TENTATIVE or CONFIRMED.  This would happen when a booking is placed into WAITLIST in order to free up a room or rooms, to allow shuffling of bookings to exchange rooms.  read more

May, 17

Newsletter 29/4/2014

New Features for the New Season

Here’s some useful improvements to the system ready for this season – some more are in the works.  Some of the later ones might not be in your system yet, but will appear soon – or else get in touch if you want it sooner.
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Apr, 29

Newsletter 1/3/2014

Alpha Testing of mobile phone app

In case you aren’t a software developer, alpha testing is where we ask for help to find bugs and give us feedback on usability, before releasing software for beta testing, which is where you ask your customers (members) to find bugs and give feedback.  The new mobile phone app (web app, to be accurate) is entirely new code, sharing only the database with the “old” booking system.  That means we will have invented entirely new bugs, the floor here is littered with squashed ones, but we need your help to find more.
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Mar, 01

Newsletter 4/2/2014

Member Priority Bookings

Different clubs have different ways of handling the release of bookings for a Winter season.  Some clubs open the bookings at a set date and time, while others allow requests to be made and then arbitrate the conflicts to produce a fair allocation.  The latter approach results in a major piece of work shuffling all those paper applications and entering the results into the booking system.
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Feb, 04

Newsletter 7/1/2014

A few small items with a new code release today

Admin info on Booking Matrix
When you mouse over a booking on the matrix (booking by room only – doesn’t apply to lodges booked by bed), we have increased the information shown to include “cot requested” and “optional extra” items.  Should save your lodge manager a little time when getting rooms ready.
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Jan, 07

Newsletter 16/12/2013

Sort your members

Your admin page to list all members can now be sorted by name, or number, or member class, or date modified.  Just click on the column header to sort.  Works along with searches too.
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Dec, 16


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