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Customer Feedback

  • We couldn’t have asked for a better system, it has everything.
    Claudia Paquette, Newport Ski Club 12/11/2022
  • Nice and functional website.
    Member, Polski Ski Club 29/4/2022
  • The system is wonderful, I am really finding it extremely helpful.
    Nicola Moran, Yalara Alpine Ski Lodge 14/6/2021
  • Thank you for supporting us through a very successful first year on the CBDWeb booking system. We’ve had consistent praise from the membership on ease-of-use and accessibility. As a director, I’m also excited by the ability to access the bookings data and process it from every angle, such we may refine our booking rules and operational performance.
    Tom McMeeki, BSM Ski Club 21/10/2018
  • Thanks for your ongoing support, your service and product are truly excellent.
    Charles Rath, Cooma Ski Club 9/4/2018
  • Well worth the money
    Brian Spurrell, Langi-taan Ski Club 2/11/2017
  • We implemented the system with very few issues, and it is now in its third year of operation within Apira. Our members have found it easy to use, and we are extremely pleased with the system’s operation and overall effectiveness. Support has been provided very quickly on the few occasions it has been needed. We’re very pleased we went with your system.
    Geoff Jamieson, Apira Ski Club 15/6/2017
  • This is fun…
    Penny Gerdes, Arlberg Ski Club 22/2/2016
  • We are very happy with the booking system and have taken more dollars than last year.
    Kay Maguire, Eiger Ski Club 21/9/2015

  • The system just keeps getting better and better.
    Graham Leary, Merrijig Ski Club 15/1/2015
  • I must say the bookings are looking very solid, there does seem to have been a very positive reaction to the new system!
    Andrew Smith, Bogong Ski Club 4/5/2015
  • What has been such a job in past years was done so quickly and easily yesterday. The annual subs invoices were so much easier to do.
    John Pigdon, Oldina Ski Club 11/3/2014
  • Thanks for your help during the season. The new system seems to be working very well. The lodge manager has really appreciated your support as well.
    Richard O’Nians, Avenue Ski Club 30/9/2013
  • I sent the bulk email to members last night. It all worked well and I’ve just got notification of the first booking in the new system.
    Thanks 🙂
    Robyn Hilliker, Mitre 22/6/2013
  • Sensational service
    Brian Hinton, Marouka 13/6/2013
  • great website, easy to use
    Member of the public, comments field in the online booking screen, 1/4/2010
  • At our recent AGM, there was unanimous praise for the booking system
    Ron Lubensky, Marouka 30/12/2009
  • Another successful season almost over, and no down time,   very impressive
    Roger Nation, Pegasus 10/09/2009
  • We’re really pleased how the booking system is working for us – it’s definitely having a positive effect on booking figures and efficiency.  That’s ideal!
    Tim David, Tivoli 08/07/2009
  • Another season under our belt.
    The system is working brilliantly. Thanks for the enhancements during the year.
    Roger Nation, Pegasus 22/10/2008
  • For the first season of operation, we are very happy with the system and the support you have provided.
    Richard Townsend, Tivoli 29/08/2008
  • We have had very positive feedback to date.
    Andrew Buckmaster, Trapdoor 22/4/2008


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