Ski Lodge Booking Service

Put your lodge bookings on the web – easily!

In 12 months to 1/4/2023 our Australian clubs’ total revenue was over $17M. Large and small clubs can use our system.

Join seventy-four other clubs with ninety-three lodges in Australia and North America using the most comprehensive and flexible software available.

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Apr, 14

Customer Feedback

  • We couldn’t have asked for a better system, it has everything.
    Claudia Paquette, Newport Ski Club 12/11/2022
  • Nice and functional website.
    Member, Polski Ski Club 29/4/2022
  • The system is wonderful, I am really finding it extremely helpful.
    Nicola Moran, Yalara Alpine Ski Lodge 14/6/2021
  • Thank you for supporting us through a very successful first year on the CBDWeb booking system. We’ve had consistent praise from the membership on ease-of-use and accessibility. As a director, I’m also excited by the ability to access the bookings data and process it from every angle, such we may refine our booking rules and operational performance.
    Tom McMeeki, BSM Ski Club 21/10/2018
  • Thanks for your ongoing support, your service and product are truly excellent.
    Charles Rath, Cooma Ski Club 9/4/2018
  • Well worth the money
    Brian Spurrell, Langi-taan Ski Club 2/11/2017
  • We implemented the system with very few issues, and it is now in its third year of operation within Apira. Our members have found it easy to use, and we are extremely pleased with the system’s operation and overall effectiveness. Support has been provided very quickly on the few occasions it has been needed. We’re very pleased we went with your system.
    Geoff Jamieson, Apira Ski Club 15/6/2017
  • This is fun…
    Penny Gerdes, Arlberg Ski Club 22/2/2016
  • We are very happy with the booking system and have taken more dollars than last year.
    Kay Maguire, Eiger Ski Club 21/9/2015

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Apr, 03

Clubs using the CBDWeb Alpine Booking Service

Seventy-three clubs with Ninety-five lodges are using the CBDWeb booking service
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Apr, 03

WordPress, Yii and AngularJS

18.9% of all websites use WordPress (as of Feb 7 2014)1. CBDWeb has built, maintains and provides hosting for fifteen2 of these, and that number is growing. We chose WordPress because it is easy for you to use, for the availability of plugins and because it is a cost-effective development environment. If your website needs a plugin that doesn’t exist, or an existing plugin needs enhancement, CBDWeb can build it for you.

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Dec, 28

Alpine Booking Service Features

  • Built for member-owned accommodation, especially ski lodges.
  • Manage members and non-members with separate rules and conditions.
  • Payment gateways built in makes it easy and cost-effective to take credit card bookings. Paypal and eWay both supported.  Direct Debit via Go Cardless.
  • One click refunds for online payments.

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Apr, 03


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