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Alpine Booking Service Features

  • Built for member-owned accommodation, especially ski lodges.
  • Manage members and non-members with separate rules and conditions.
  • Payment gateways built in makes it easy and cost-effective to take credit card bookings. Paypal and eWay both supported.  Direct Debit via Go Cardless.
  • One click refunds for online payments.

  • Drag-and-drop bookings into rooms or beds to allocate or change rooms.
  • Members, family and preferred guests are managed in your secure database.
  • You control which administrators can see or update member data, and whether any member data is visible to other members.
  • Members can update their details on-the-fly while booking.
  • Correct tariffs are assigned based on type of member, family or guest.
  • Tariffs can change e.g. midweek, weekend, season, 5 and 7-night discounts etc. Age based tariffs use date-of-birth.
  • You define season dates and tariffs within each season.
  • Open bookings to members and the public on different pre-set dates for each season -or-
  • Priority period for members to book, followed by your ballot or other allocation.
  • Restrict bookings to certain seasons or none, depending on class of member.
  • Require weekend bookings take both nights, more complex restrictions also possible, e.g. 2/5/7.
  • Optionally set deposit amount to confirm booking. Payment required in full a set number of days before arriving at the lodge.
  • Reminder email sent automatically if payment is overdue. Reminder email before arriving at the lodge.
  • Option to automatically cancel a booking if unpaid.
  • Easy for your customers to use, showing availability and making it easy to select rooms and dates.
  • Administrator can modify bookings without reentry of data – change dates, rooms/beds, people, price.
  • Full transaction record for members and for you – invoices, credits, receipts and refunds.
  • Optional surcharge for online payments.
  • Generate annual subscription invoices based on type of member and bulk email them.
  • Generate locker fees etc based on member data.
  • Automatically prevent bookings by unfinancial members. If the member pays their outstanding balance online they can immediately book, zero touch from you.
  • Charge an additional flat rate per person, or per room, or more per person depending on empty beds in room, e.g. single-supplement.
  • If non-members are allowed to make bookings, they don’t see member rates.
  • Channel management to advertise your vacancies elsewhere, e.g., expedia etc, requires a paid account with Smoobu.
  • iCal sync (e.g. Airbnb) free with the Booking Service.
  • Members see information about other members’ bookings (customisable).
  • Block out dates when the whole lodge is unavailable, members see the reason.
  • Indicate dates when bookings are available but special circumstances apply (e.g. “noisy kids week”)
  • Bookings on waiting list are shown to admin when there is a cancellation.
  • Car park spaces can be booked.
  • Maximum number of beds used in lodge enforced (so you meet lease conditions).
  • Multiple lodges display on the one screen (if you have more than one…)
  • On-sell optional extras with each booking, e.g. linen service.
  • Automated issue of credit to member on booking cancellation, you set the criteria.
  • Book by room or by bed or a combination.
  • Fewer phone calls for you to answer – let your bookings take care of themselves.
  • Automated emails on new booking or cancellation (to member and to booking officer) and reminders before booking commences, when payment is overdue and follow up email after booking.
  • SMS reminders before arriving at lodge.
  • Emails to members include recent transactions and balance. Booking emails link directly to payment page.
  • Selective bulk email or SMS to members and guests. Retains each email sent for edit and re-use. You can filter members or bookings to create the distribution list.
  • Audit trail of all emails sent including those generated automatically during booking processes.
  • Download booking data, member data and transaction data for analysis – a variety of reports are available in spreadsheet format.
  • Quick PDF reports on daily arrivals/departures and daily room occupancy, perfect for showing on your noticeboard.
  • Four levels of administrative access, e.g. committee can view reports, membership can update member details, lodge manager can make and change bookings, administrator sets rates, booking rules etc. You decide what each access level can see and do.
  • Lodges that take bookings from the public are combined on our availability website by resort.
  • Voucher system for pre-purchase of discount accommodation by members


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