This article was written on 29 Oct 2011, and is filed under Alpine Bookings Newsletter.

Newsletter 29/10/2011

Works programme – new features

We are planning work on new features for the system for 2012.  As the system is getting more mature there is less to do, but never nothing!

Cancellations and Waiting Lists

Two years ago we introduced some assistance for waiting lists.  Most clubs are not using this, but it holds rooms after a cancellation, giving you a chance to re-book them to a waiting list, or release them.  The planned enhancement would enable members and guests to place an entry on the waiting list when making a booking.  These “bookings” would show up on reports and would have a new status e.g.  “WAITLIST” so you could bring up a report to review these when processing a cancellation.

One suggestion is that you might use this to allow members to indicate their booking preferences in, say, March, then on 1st April, make decisions about who gets what, and adjust or cancel bookings accordingly.  For clubs that receive booking requests in paper form this would cut down on the manual labour.

And of course you could use it during the season to manage your waiting lists.

We are thinking that you would be able to turn this facility on and off per season.

Please let us know what you think of this proposal, and any suggestions about how it would work best for your club.

Don’t forget that you can already set rules for automatic credits to be issued to members when they cancel online, with time criteria.  If you would like a hand setting up this feature please get in touch.

Those are the main changes proposed, along with smaller improvements, such as alerting you when you login, if a booking has been left in the process of being edited by admin, so you can return to it and finalise your changes.