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Newsletter 21/2/2011

Major upgrade

Today your booking service was upgraded and now has additional features.  Some more new features are still in the works and will be installed soon.  Here is what is new today:
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Feb, 21

Newsletter 5/10/2010

I’m pleased to report that I spent a very active and enjoyable week at the Rover lodge, out the back of the Bogong High Plains this winter.  It was great to actually be out there, and not just hearing about the snow from all of you!
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Oct, 05

Newsletter 18/6/2010

Notes about Paypal, welcome to new lodges and all about emails


Paypal is the lowest cost online payment gateway and probably the safest for both buyers and sellers.  The way Paypal achieves the “safety” part of this equation is partly by verifying information about buyers and sellers and partly by taking precautions related to account activity.  Sometimes the safety comes at a price, when activities that are valid nevertheless get caught up in Paypal’s safety precautions.
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Jun, 18

Newsletter 27/12/2009

Welcome to Koomerang Ski Club

With four lodges, Koomerang has doubled the number of ski lodges using the CBDWeb online booking system.  We have also implemented a new website for Koomerang.
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Dec, 27

Newsletter 8/10/2009

Enhancements in your system now

  • You can now specify a maximum number of people per booking.  Look in Site config -> Booking Details for this parameter.  BTW nothing stops a person from just splitting their booking into two.  But at least they are aware of the rule.
  • The login screen is now easier to use, with a radio button that defaults to “member login”.  Administrators must choose the other option to get the “username” and “password” fields.

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Oct, 08

Newsletter 29/8/2009

Enhancements in your system now

  • Another new report, and reports page made easier.  Some reports are on-screen, while others are downloads in spreadsheet format (CSV).  These are now presented side by side on the same page instead of mixed up together.  A new on-screen report is now live which shows bookings in order of the date the booking was created, oldest first.  By selecting “TENTATIVE” status, you can see the TENTATIVE bookings that have expired and buttons allow you to cancel, edit or send an invoice email directly from the report screen.

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Aug, 29

Newsletter 11/6/2009

Enhancements in your system now

  • A new report!  Report 5 shows the names of guests in each room for each day in the range you choose.  This is an on-screen report (which you can print), like report 0.  (The other reports are all spreadsheet downloads).

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Jun, 11


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