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Domain names

Most of our clubs have their own domain name, e.g. skipegasus.com.au. This is the human-readable text that enables you to find websites and send emails.  To own a domain name you pay to buy, and to renew.  .au domains are renewed every 2 years. If your contact email address changes during those 2 years and you don't get the renewal reminder, your domain name stops working. No website, no emails.

This has happened to three of our clubs during this Winter season. It causes lots of stress and makes work for us as we help you get going again.

We can help by transferring your domain name to one of our registrar accounts where it gets renewed automatically, and we send you an invoice. Our charge for this is a nominal $10 bookkeeping fee, and depending on your registrar we may even be cheaper. It helps us too because we don't have to diagnose and help out with a broken domain name.

For the record, we consider ourselves your agent and acknowledge that the domain name continues to be the club's property. We will always transfer it to a registrar of your choice if you decide to move it.

Admin changes

You will have noticed by now a separate screen for admin login. You can get to it via a link at the bottom of the member login screen, or from the "login" item in the top menu. This enabled us to provide admin with a "lost password" function.  It is now also possible for each admin user to edit their own password, including all levels of access - previously only a full admin could edit your password. Edit your password at admin -> admin -> change password.

After your admin login, if you weren't using a bookmark to a "deep link", i.e. direct to a page, you will see the admin home page, which lists any trouble with bookings that need attention. If you see a problem here and aren't sure what to do, please contact us so we can help you fix it.

Option for full credit of tentative bookings

Some clubs give a 100% credit when a tentative booking cancelled, regardless of dates. This is now an option, contact us if this rule would suit your club.

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