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Uploading Transactions

In our last newsletter we introduced a new feature allowing you to upload a spreadsheet of invoices. This has been expanded to allow also credit notes. So you can go straight from your list of work party members (for example) to create credits. Find it at admin -> member & transaction -> upload transactions. As this is a new feature, and we haven't covered off all your possible mistakes yet, get in touch with us and we will run your spreadsheet through a test first. 

More detail on Admin Booking page

The page the booking officer visits most often, manage bookings, now displays more information about each person in a booking, including their individual calculated cost. If your booking pages are configured to set tariffs automatically on step 2, you will also see the member number. If you have "age and gender" capture turned on, you will see these.

Also new on this page, if a booking has changed cost because of room allocation changes, visiting the admin edit page will show you the new costs.  Whenever the calculated cost of a booking differs from that already invoiced, a large "copy from calculated price" button appears so you can confirm the price change. When you then save the booking, a supplementary invoice or credit note is created automatically.

Room Allocation page

Our multi-lodge clubs can now drag-and-drop a booking from one lodge to another, as well as between beds. Find it at admin -> bookings -> allocate rooms. For all clubs, this is the best page to use if you need to modify the rooms or beds of a booking, it's easier than using the old "edit on public screens" button, which is only needed now if you are changing dates, or guest details.

New Tariff System

About one third of our clubs are now using the new tariff system, which makes it easier for you to enter tariffs, and has more flexibility than the old system. We will phase out the old system by the end of this year, but you can start using it next time you create a new season. Look for admin -> tariffs -> New tariffs. If you don't see this menu item, then just use -> tariffs and that means you are already converted. To use the new tariff system, check your room types are defined via admin -> tariffs -> room types and then check your room allocations have room types - this replaces the old "en suite" and "shared facility" room types, now there is no limit on number of room types, each of which has tariffs set separately.

Booking Report 4

This spreadsheet download shows one row per guest per booking. It has been improved to show the individual guest's calculated cost instead of the whole-of-booking cost. An example of using this is via a pivot table using tariff type and cost, produces data on income per tariff type. If your download is showing zeroes instead of correct costs, get in touch and we will run a catch-up on your data.


This is the small icon you see in the tab at the top of your browser, and in bookmarks. We have loaded this for all clubs that have one on their main website, but get in touch if you have an icon and it isn't showing.

Changing member numbers

It's now possible to change a member's member number without losing continuity of their history. At this stage you have to ask us to do that, but in future it will be available when you edit a member's details.

Also on the subject of member numbers, we have added brute force protection against repeated attempts to guess a member number. While we have never had a break-in, better safe than sorry. If you try too many times and get locked out it will appear to you as though the booking service isn't responding at all. Get in touch if this happens and we can unlock your (member's) account.

Wordpress users

If we built you a Wordpress website and you have member-only pages, it's now possible to define some member classes in your database that don't have access to those Wordpress member-only pages. This is most useful for clubs that have member classes for non-members (non-member member classes....?). 

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