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Document Storage

A few clubs have been using the document storage facility, which previously allowed only Committee logins and above to access stored documents.  We have extended this feature so that you can set an access level per document, and this can go down to Member (or even Public). It's more secure than storing these on a website, as access is ephermeral and controlled via the booking system login. If you would like to use this feature, look for admin -> admin -> manage documents. If it isn't there, ask us to install it for your club. You will also need a menu item on the public/members menu so documents can be accessed.

Uploading Invoices

You can now upload a spreadsheet of invoices, e.g. charging for lockers, or for late subs payments. The base spreadsheet can be pulled from your member database, then modified to include the invoicing information.  Get in touch for help with this.

Check your cancellation credits

You can now specify cancellation credits in more than two steps (any number is now permitted), and you can include a minimum fee retained at each step.  Look for admin -> tariffs -> cancellation credits in your admin menu. By the end of this year we will remove the old settings in your Site Config page, these no longer have any effect.

Admin can now override minimum room occupancy

Applies to book-by-room lodges. You don't receive any warning if you book in fewer guests than a room's minimum, but the minimum is displayed for you on step 2.  You can control which admin levels can do this (and other special access levels) via admin -> site config -> special access.

Unfinancial Members

If you keep members financial "date paid to" up to date and use it to prevent bookings, this can now also tie in with a "public open date" setting on a season, so that non-financial members can't obtain any rates, and therefore cannot book before that open date.  After that date a non-financial member can only get Public rates. Note, there are a couple of obscure settings that you probably won't find, to make this work, so get in touch if you want to tighten up this rule.

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