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Making eWay payments easier

Our USA customers can stop reading, unfortunately the eWay payment gateway is not available in your locale. 

Members can now choose to store credit card details with eWay. Subsequent payments can be made with a single click. This is now built-in and you don't need to do anything to turn it on. Admin don't see this option, so if you are taking a MOTO payment you still need to type in card details.

Anyone in your Member Database who has booking rights via their Member Class can take advantage of the new feature, so that includes preferred guests etc.

Note that The Booking Service does not store nor transmit credit card details, these are sent directly from the member's browser to eWay. 

If you are still using Paypal, get in touch for help with setting up eWay. eWay fees are a lot less than Paypal. 

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