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New Features

Your bulk email to members page now has an SMS option. Note, SMS incurs additional costs, see

Also, a new page in your admin menu, under Bookings -> Bulk Email. This is similar to the Bulk Email to Members page but instead of selecting members, you select bookings to send an email or SMS to. Send a message to upcoming bookings to advise of changed conditions etc.

Direct Debit vulnerability

Our last email had details of a vulnerability which can cause your customers to loose their funds if you send Direct Debit details in an email. EFT details are shown in two places: emails (recommend removal) and in Booking Service screens related to payment (these are safe). Your email payment instructions most likely already have a link to pay online, the landing page there is where your on-screen EFT instructions are also shown, so we recommend you remove EFT details from your emailed payment instructions. The Site Config item to edit is PAYMENT_TYPES_EMAILS_HTML.



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