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New Allocate Rooms Screen

A few days ago we introduced the Allocate Rooms screen, migrated to the new software framework. Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback, we've been making small changes over the last few days.

The new screen uses a right-click with your mouse to access some old and new functions, so try it out.  

Some of the new features are disabled until the rest of the software can handle them, including guests arriving and departing at different dates, and splitting a guest so you can put them in a different room for part of their stay.

If you don't like the alternating background colours, there are four Site Config items to control them. In your Site Config, filter the Variable Name on "color" (without the quotes), the first four that come up (e.g. SINGLE_BED_DARK_COLOR) are the ones. You can use the colour picker on the details tab to change each color. Note if you make all four colours white, you won't be able to see the screen "pulsating" when it pauses to load data as you scroll or after you make a change. If you don't want to tangle with the colour picker but you want to change the colours, drop us a line (reply to this email).

  • Scroll forward and backward using the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • If the font is too small, zoom using your browser's native zoom control.
  • Make the cells longer so they show more text using the slider at the bottom of the screen.
  • Deallocate a whole booking with one click, or a single guest - deallocate means they are no longer in a room, so don't forget to put them back in promptly. 
  • Delete a guest from a booking with one click (easier than going to Edit via Matrix). An undo button appears top right and will persist until you move away from the page. After you delete a guest, remember to click on the booking so you can update the Admin Price and generate a transaction.

In the old screen you could swap guests by dragging one onto the bed already occupied by the other. Now you have to move or deallocate one of them first to create a vacancy. We realise that is more work for the power users, but newbies tended to get confused by the swapping.

By the way, the reason each guest is outlined separately c.f. the old screen which groups guests into a block, is because when we switch on the flexible dates and guests have different start and end dates, each needs to have their own border. 

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