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Overlapping Seasons

You can now have seasons with overlapping dates. We introduced the graphical display (bars) above your list of Season Periods some time ago to support this.  On any given night that is covered by more than one season, the shortest season wins.  

Use this for short periods such as work parties or Easter while leaving the longer season in one piece.

Send SMS reminders

So far, only implemented for the reminder that is sent before a booking starts. If demand exists, other scheduled reminder emails could get an SMS version.  Read how to set this up:

Pay Subs invoice only

If you want members to be able to pay subscriptions online without having to clear their entire account balance, turn on PAY_SUBS_INVOICE in Site Config, and read more at

Email Forwarding - over to you

We forward emails for some of our clubs, so you don't have to pay for and administer mailboxes. You can now create and edit forwarding addresses via admin menu -> admin -> email forwarding. Read more at


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