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Getting ready for the season

Now that we know the resorts will open, clubs are working out how to operate within the guidelines. If you need to restrict numbers to less than normal capacity, here is how:

If a lodge is book-by-bed, you can edit each season period and reduce the number of beds available.

You can probably also set the "number of beds hold for admin" field to zero to allow instant booking up to the reduced capacity.

If a lodge is book-by-room, you can set an overall capacity for the lodge. This will operate to prevent rooms from being booked if the number of people in the booking would take the lodge over capacity - so it depends not on how many rooms are booked but how many people are included in all bookings. Note that your lodge may be book-by-room even though individual beds are shown on the matrix - see box below.

To turn on the capacity limit, go to admin menu -> site config and filter the Variable Name on "capacity" (without the quotes). Edit the item and tick the "value" box, then click the "update" button.This step is not needed for book-by-bed lodges. 

You will now see the "maximum number of beds..." field in each Season Period, so you need to edit all your seasons. Plus the remaining capacity will show on the opening matrix as an additional row below the rooms.

How to tell if a lodge is book-by-bed or book-by-room:

  1. If the first booking step matrix has multiple rows, the lodge is book-by-room (even if the rows are showing individual beds - each bed is pretending to be a very small room).
  2. If the lodge shows a single row on the first step with numbers in each cell, that lodge is book-by-bed. Plus there is a field below the matrix 
  3. Another way to find out is via your admin menu, go to Site Config, and filter the Variable Name field on "booking_by_bed" (without the quotes) and if the value is "NO", the lodge is book-by-room.

Aged Receivables

Also known as unpaid bookings, that have been TENTATIVE for too long.

Previously you could list bookings in order of when the booking was made via the Booking Reports screen. This has now moved into the main Manage Bookings screen, as an additional filter:

If you tick this filter, bookings are sorted according to the date of the first invoice for each booking. You probably also want to use the Booking Status filter to remove CONFIRMED bookings from the list. The oldest (invoiced) bookings are shown at the top, these are the most overdue. 

As always with the filters on any page, you can bookmark the page after you filter, and use the bookmark to load the page with exactly those filters next time.

Guest emails

If TARIFF_BY_MEMBER is turned on (check it in Site Config) you now have the option of including the emails of all people included in the booking at step 3 automatically. The emails can be further edited by the person making the booking before proceding to the next step. Turn this on via Site Config INCLUDE_GUEST_EMAIL.

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