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Refunds for eWay Transactions

A feature we have brought forward considering the possible need for many refunds this season. When you view transactions, any receipt for an eWay payment can be refunded from within the Booking Service - no need to visit eWay. You can refund all or part of a receipt. If the refund is successful with eWay, a REFUND transaction is created in the booking service to align the member's balance. 

We haven't forgotten Paypal, our next project is to research what is new in Paypal since we put together the original payment gateway roughly ten years ago. One important criterion will be retaining the ability to pay without needing a Paypal account - last time we investigated a better Paypal interface this wasn't possible. The first deliverables for Paypal will be providing payment buttons on your admin manage booking screen (these exist on the old screen), and processing refunds. We've already added a Paypal "pay subscription invoice" button for members to use, on the page that shows up if you allow members to pay their subscription without needing to pay their entire outstanding balance (see previous newsletter for details of this feature).

Downloading Booking Data

In the old software, spreadsheet files with booking data are found via admin -> bookings -> booking reporting, along with on-screen views of booking data.  The former are now migrated to the new software, via bookings -> manage bookings. There you will see a new "Download" tab which follows the pattern of other pages that have a Download tab.

All the download tabs use the filters that you set on the main (first) tab on that page and the download tab may provide additional filters. In the case of bookings, a start and end date filter is provided on the download tab and overrides the "only from this year" filter that is on the main tab.

Using the filters in this way gives you more options for selecting the data to put in the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet columns have not changed however, we have tested each download against the old software to make sure there are no changes to the columns and the data in each row. If you find an exception that we missed, please let us know.

Access to the downloads is via roles BOOKINGS or BOOKINGS_READ.

Access Levels and Roles

We've always had access levels, starting with "Public" and going up to "Administrator" to control who can see and do what. The new software framework introduces "Roles", which we have implemented using the settings from the old software but in a much more user-friendly format and with new capabilities. It's unlikely you will need to edit your roles and it can be hard to work out what each role does, so get support if you need to change anything. 

Roles are (mostly) allocated according to access levels, although a very few aren't allocated to any level, and are used to allow API-only access.  Your API keys give access via Roles, as well as to specific SQL query downloads.


One of the new capabilities is the ability to add and subtract a role from an individual admin login, relative to that login's access level. Handy e.g. for giving read-only access to member records without also giving update access, or mixing and matching access levels into one admin login.

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