Software Progress

It's been a while since our last newsletter, and we have been steadily building out the new software framework and releasing features progressively.
Since the last newsletter:


We will be invoicing on first April as usual. If your club is impacted by the possible loss of this Winter's revenue and you need to defer some of your payment, get in touch. If there is no Winter season this year, our revenue will take a massive hit in 2021, but we have time to prepare for that. In particular, we want to keep our current expanded development staff working while we finish the new software framework, by the end of this year. So if your finances enable you to pay the invoice as usual, that will help us to achieve that, and be ready to help you bounce back next year with new software, including lots of improvements.
Re-writing the software is a massive job, replacing code built up over 13 years. It became necessary for 3 main reasons: 

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