Database Problem

Yesterday we had a problem with our database server that didn't come to light until today.  

Our disaster recovery plan sprang into action as follows:

  1. We obtained the data from the last backup before the problem occurred, i.e. backup made at 0300h 20th November (Australian Eastern Summer time) 
  2. We compared that data to the live databases, for bookings, transactions and records of emails sent.
  3. We used this to correct, restore or update data in the live databases

The next step involves our booking officers, because database changes that occurred between 0300h 20th November and about 1200h are not in any backup.
The routine emails that are sent to the Booking Admin form a journal that allows us to reconstruct database changes, so you need to examine these emails for the above period, and check that the booking service is aligned with the information in the emails. If not, get in touch so we can help you restore any missing data.

Those emails are sent to the address configured via admin menu -> site config -> email details, 

or for multi-lodge clubs the email address might be found via admin menu - site config -> lodge details, with a different email address for each lodge.

Naturally we apologise for this malfunction. We are looking at the root cause to make sure it won't happen again.

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