New Feature - Bookings that are Automatically Cancelled

You can now turn on auto-cancellation of TENTATIVE bookings.  

Find this via admin -> site config -> payment details.  Here are the rules:

  1. Cancellations occur during the overnight batch email processing (approx 0530h Australian Eastern time, 1530h EDT USA)
  2. cancellation will occur after "Days for Payment". Set this to zero for cancellation on the next batch run. Note this parameter is used to turn on reminder emails for payment, but if this new Auto Cancel is switched on, no reminder email for payment is sent. Instead a cancellation email is sent.
  3. You can override the date of cancellation for an individual booking, via Manage Bookings (new screen only) 

    This field appears only on TENTATIVE bookings.
  4. Credits are processed as usual for member bookings, including full credit for TENTATIVE bookings if you have this configuration turned on:
  5. If you have the setting turned on to reserve beds released by a cancellation (this is normally on if you run a WAITLIST), the usual check is made, and beds are released if no WAITLIST bookings are affected.

    If waitlisted bookings are affected, then the beds in the cancelled booking are held, to give you time to work the WAITLIST.
  6. The email address(es) in the booking, and admin receive the usual CANCELLATION email. You may need to update the wording of this email.

Please let us know if you turn this option on so we can monitor the process and check for any problems.

Manage Bookings

The new Manage Bookings page now loads from the menu, and from various internal links.  Thanks to everyone who checked booking tariff calculations (we scored 100% !!! ) and let us know about bugs.  The old page is still available, as usual just click on the "old page" link. If you have to do this, please send a screen shot so we know what to fix.

We hope you like the new page.  Take a look down the bottom left (in the tab that opens after you click the pencil icon) for links to useful related information about an individual booking. 

Minor change to Paypal Operation

When paying via Paypal, a "cancel payment" option is provided on the Paypal screens.  If this is taken, we would previously make the booking TENTATIVE, now we don't change the status of the booking.  Seems that sometimes Paypal sends a cancelled payment message when not appropriate, so now we just send emails to the customer and admin, and show the current booking status on the screen.

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