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We have now pre-released the new software framework page for your Manage Bookings screen.  It's a pre-release because we are still working on it, so you won't find it via the menus. However, when you go to admin -> bookings -> manage bookings, there is a bold link that takes you to the new page.

The main purpose is to ask you to check tariff calculations by looking at the "calculated price" in the old page, then click on the link that loads the same booking  and check that the tariffs are the same.  If not, please send a screen shot of the new page that includes the booking ID.  

We wanted to release this page early because at this time of year you are probably looking at bookings frequently, so there will be plenty of chances to check tariffs.

Of course if there are any other problems that you notice we are all ears.

How to send an email

The old pages often had a button which would save and send an email in one click. For experienced users this was convenient but we found it was confusing for some. So in the new framework you will always find save and email as separate buttons. The email button won't be active until you save.

Paypal Problems

Paypal is normally rock-solid but occasionally they chuck a wobbly.  For the last couple of weeks we have been chasing an error that has occassionally prevented receipts from being created.  If this happens we get notified, and we'll let you know. It could be that several changes we made have fixed the problem, as we haven't had any of these for the last week or so, or it could be that Paypal have fixed it at their end.  

New email codes

Your emails regarding specific bookings already have payment instructions, but these don't work on other invoices, e.g. subscription invoices.  So there is now a link %PAY_FULL% you can include, on non-booking related email formats. This code will generate a link to your Pay in Full page. Apart from the subscription invoice, there is only the general "send invoice from manage transactions" this applies to.  A major reason for providing this code is so we can automatically update it when the payment page migrates to the new framework.

The other new code is %LODGE% which translates to the name of lodge the booking relates to, so it's only used in booking-related emails.  This is of course, mainly of interest to our multi-lodge clubs. You no longer need to explain the meaning of the first two letters of the booking number.

Reports are moving to the Download tab

As you've probably noticed, instead of a separate reports page, each of the new framework admin pages has a "download" tab.  Note that the filters that you apply on the first tab also apply when you download. This gives you a more powerful way of selecting records to download. Additional options may appear on each download tab.  We recently added a check-box on the Transactions download tab which you can use to eliminate reversed transactions from being included in the download.  It's as though they never happened. 

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