Members' view of their data

Members are now routed to the new software framework when updating their details, e.g. address, phone etc.

This change brings support for principal member relationships. Only some of our clubs are using this facility, which allows for automatic selection of tariffs at step 2, and consolidation of subscription invoices to enable a single payment for all family members' subs invoices.  It also gives visibility of children and spouse data to the principal member.  You can optionally allow the principle member to edit their family members' data via admin menu -> site config -> club details ->

This is set to No at the moment, so change  it if you want members to be able to edit their related member records. Note that some fields can't be edited by members, such as date of birth, member class etc.

Members can access the old page if they need to, but let us know if there are any problems with the new page.

Overnight reminder emails

From tonight onwards the reminder emails will be dispatched by the new software framework. You should not see any change, but as with all new software there can be bugs. So please monitor the outgoing emails via admin menu -> member & transaction -> audit sent mails.  For example if you enter today's date into both search fields, you will see this morning's reminder emails.

There are 5 emails that are sent on this schedule. You can disable any of them by setting the "day" field to blank or zero.

  1. Reminder to pay, usually sent a few days after a TENTATIVE booking is created (edit via site config -> payment details)
  2. Reminder to pay a fixed number of days before a booking starts. Used mainly by clubs that allow deposit payments on bookings. (edit via site config -> payment details)
  3. Reminder before arriving at the lodge, used to include a door code, what to bring, access details etc. (edit via site config -> booking details)
  4. Members after a booking, soliciting a questionnaire etc. (edit via site config -> email details)
  5. same as 4. but for non-member bookings. (edit via site config -> email details)

Also a reminder that in all booking related emails we recommend %MEMBER_CANCEL% and %PUBLIC_CANCEL% which generate a link to cancel or pay for a booking. These will often be used in your payment instructions, which is the first edit box on admin -> site config -> email details. You might also want to include these in your CONFIRMED booking email e.g.
Cancel this booking: %MEMBER_CANCEL%

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