New Framework Progress

Progress has been slow as we perfect the new screens released so far as well as adjustments to new features such as automatic processing of subscription invoices. We've been training up two new developers, so progress should accellerate.  We've also been working on achieving PCI compliance for our eWay users, in theory this should be an easy process because we don't handle any credit card data, but in practice there is a lot of work to satisfy the requirements. We've shelved this however until the new framework has completely taken over.

When you create a receipt or credit transaction, or reverse an existing transaction, via the new transactions page, if the member's balance is cleared then all bookings are confirmed and any outstanding subscription invoice is processed.  Processing a subscription invoice involves marking all outstanding invoices as paid and advancing the member's paid-to date by a year per outstanding subs invoice. Their related members are also updated, unless they pay their own subs.  On our to-do list is to extend this automatic processing to include credits given when a booking is cancelled or altered whether by the member or by admin. This will arrive when the new framework admin Manage Booking screen is released.

When a transaction is created from a booking, you can only create RECEIPT and REFUND transactions. Other transactions are handled for you, when you change the Admin Price of a booking. This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of managing bookings. When you alter the admin price, a CREDIT or INVOICE is created automatically when you save the booking. The common scenarios for a change in the Admin Price are:

  1. Booking is cancelled and some or all of the booking invoice is credited. To credit the entire amount, set the admin price to zero.
  2. You modify the booking (via edit on public screens button) and the price has changed. In this case a big button appears "copy from calculated price"
  3. You move a booking on the Allocate Rooms screen, especially when you drag a WAITLIST booking into the room matrix, in which case an invoice needs to be created.

One change on all the new screens is to split "save" and "send email" into separate buttons.  The email button won't appear on a new record until it is saved for the first time. So far you've only seen this on the Manage Transactions screen.

Another change is that all reporting has moved to the "download" tab on each admin screen. So far that covers Members and Transactions.  Bookings is next. The filters that you set on the first tab are applied to the data download automatically, and there may be additional filters or choices on the download tab.

Some enhancements to the old pages

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