New Software Release

A new release is being progressively rolled out to clubs - initially on request. The update includes changes that we want to keep a close watch on, hence the cautious release plan. Once any glitches are found and fixed the release will be rolled out to all clubs.  Below are the changes.  If you would like to turn on the new features, get in touch to have the new software deployed.

Automatic update of member's paid-to date

If your configuration requires members to be financial in order to make a booking, you will have, up to now, been manually updating each member's paid-to date as they pay their annual subs. The new release automates this, so that when the member pays online or you manually enter a receipt that clears the member's balance, their paid-to date is advance by 1 year, and the subs invoice is marked as paid.  If your subs invoices have already gone out, we can "activate" the unpaid invoices so this feature will come into action for those members who are yet to pay. If you send out your subs invoices after this software update is applied, all the subs invoices are marked as unpaid and will trigger the update of the paid-to field automatically when members pay their outstanding balance.

Affiliate clubs

Some of our clubs offer special "affiliate" rates to members of other clubs.  If both clubs are using the CBDWeb booking service, with the new software release you can allow your affiliates to login to your booking service and get a booking directly. 
Some setting up is required, so the first step is to get in touch with us to find out how it works.

New transaction screen

The new framework now has a transaction management screen for admin. It's not quite ready for all purposes (limitations are noted at the bottom of the screen) but you can access it via the admin member list, by clicking on the member's balance.
The reason it's available is to provide a small part of the automation of member's paid-to date, covered above. If a need arises to manually alter the "invoice paid" status of a subs invoice, this can be done via the new transaction screen. The "invoice paid" field only appears on subs invoices, and controls whether or not the member's paid-to date will be advanced when they pay their outstanding balance. We will be removing the limitations on the new transaction screen soon, when it will be linked into your admin menus, and the old page will be accessed only via the "old page" button.

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