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To our Sydney Clients

Nik Dow will be in Sydney and available to meet on Thursday evening and all day and evening Friday 6th-7th August.  Please get in touch if you would like to catch up.


We have been working on new features for our first North American ski club, not to mention the translations! Welcome to Mt Laurel Skiers. The main feature we have added is a voucher system which enables members to pre-purchase vouchers and redeem these during the season for a credit against their accommodation.

We created a new admin access level for another club that all clubs can use, it's "membership" and sits between "committee" and "staff". That club is using it to give their membership officer access to the member data but not any booking data. Remember that you can set the pages that each access level can see yourself, via admin -> site config -> access permissions. Permissions are hierarchical - each higher level can access all functions from the levels below.

We have also done some work on the access permissions so that we can give you control over the access levels for admin controlled functions.  The new menu for this is admin -> site config -> special access and so far there are two functions you can control:

  • edit the admin price at step 3 when making a booking. For example you may want the staff level to be able to do this, or not.
  • Override the start/finish rule that for example requires Fri/Sat nights to be taken together.
Admin always has these roles and you can give the access to lower levels as you need.  Other functions could be made flexible in this way such as showing the full admin information when hovering on the matrix (details of bookings).
The Waitlist system has been improved to save you unnecessary work. Normally, when a member cancels, their rooms/beds are held until admin checks for waitlisted bookings. At this stage the cancelled booking has status CANCELREQ.  Admin changes this to CANCELLED to release the beds, after checking the waitlist.  The improvement we have made allows member cancellations to go straight to CANCELLED if there are no waitlisted bookings affected.  Your admin email will show the status so you know whether or not you need to check the waitlist. If there are any waitlisted bookings, these are shown on your manage booking page for the cancelled booking.  This change will be rolled out to all clubs once it gets a bit more testing.
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