Automatic Confirmation on Manual Receipt

For all but two of our clubs, all TENTATIVE bookings become CONFIRMED when a member pays their outstanding balance online. We have now extended that logic so the same automation occurs when you create a refund manually, usually after an EFT payment.   If the receipt is for an amount less than the member's total outstanding balance, no bookings get confirmed.

If you tick the checkbox to send a receipt email, the member will also get CONFIRMED emails for each booking confirmed.  This change should save you some more time, when manually entering receipts. 

Bank Date on Receipts & Refunds

By popular demand, an additional date can be entered when you manually create a receipt or a refund, to match the date of the bank statement for the transaction. It will default to today's date, and appears in reports and screen listings of transactions in the new framework.

API Keys

Some of our clubs are already using API keys to run customised queries. An API key is also used to give access to the real-time bed allocation information display for the in-lodge "kiosk" tablet display.

We have added to your admin menu via admin -> admin -> API keys so you can generate a new API key for your existing access. Do this frequently to maintain secure access.  
Multiple API keys can have access to a given resource, this allows you to give and revoke access to different people for specific resources.

Referrals from

For clubs that take public bookings, we provide mainly as an SEO device.  This now adds campaign URL information to the links that go to your site, so you can track and report referrals easily. To see this, go to, drill in to your lodge(s) and check out the links "read more" and "book".

Related, if you are interested in tracking conversions (bookings) from any source, get in touch and we will help you set it up in your Google Analytics reporting.

Coming Very Soon

We are working on an enhancement to subscription invoices so that each member's "paid to" date gets extended by one year, if they clear their outstanding balance. The subscription invoice gets marked as "paid" when this happens, to prevent the paid-to date being extended more than once. This feature will go live once we have implemented the page "manage transactions" in the new framework. We are hoping to have this done by the end of this week.   All existing subscription invoices are already marked as "paid" to prevent accidental change to the member's "paid to" date, but you will be able to mark those who haven't yet paid, in order to utilise this feature even if you are part way through subscription payments for this year. Members who don't have a "paid to" date won't be affected, not all of our clubs maintain this field, which is mainly useful for preventing bookings of unfinancial members. The paid-to date is also useful in reporting, to provide data on how many members have renewed, by member class and total $s.

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