Admin starts the switch to the new system

For a while now we have been working on an update to the software that provides your booking service. The old software is up to ten years old, and getting hard to work with. By rewriting the system in a modern framework, we can do more, and provide you with a better service. We have now switched on the new framework for the admin login, to enable you to use the first page that we have released on the new system, the page that allows you to add and edit members.

The old and new systems will co-exist, displaying (almost) identical menus. So far only the admin -> member & transation -> view members page is available. You can get from there to the old page if you need to for any reason.  We will be adding more features to this page, and switching on more pages in the near future.

Naturally we would like to hear from you if there are any issues or problems.  You will notice the member list is now paginated, a big help for our clubs with large membership. Plus you can filter the list in more ways, including by member class.  Soon you will be able to save your filter so it is the default when you open the page - for example excluding past members from the list.


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