Use Allocate Rooms screen to insert waitlisted bookings

Allocate Rooms via admin -> bookings -> allocate rooms is a graphic display of guests, rooms, beds and dates that allows you to drag-n-drop entries between rooms, or if your configuration doesn't assign rooms when booking, you can allocate guests to rooms on this screen. You can now drag a waitlisted booking from the top of the screen into a room. The booking will become TENTATIVE, with a couple more clicks you can generate the invoice and send it to the member/guest. This works even if the room already has a booking but has some spare beds. So members wishing to add a person to their booking, for example, can make a waitlisted booking, and you can drag and drop the added person into the room already booked.

Customised spreadsheet data download

If you regularly need to extract data (e.g. for reporting) with specific fields, we can now write a custom query that produces a CSV format spreadsheet file for you. The only restriction is that the data is produced from a single database query.
Access is using an API key, i.e. not via your admin login, which makes it suitable for robots you may be running to regularly extract data.

Using a tablet as a "kiosk" in the lodge

Some of our clubs are mounting an Android tablet in the lodge, to display information on room or bed allocations.  We have provided an API call that displays this information in a suitable format. Thanks to Oldina Ski Club for pioneering this and sharing their experience on finding the necessary components. We can pass on "how to" information if you are interested.

Multiple email addresses

You can now enter multiple email addresses in the email field of a member record. This carries over to the contact information entered at step 3 when making a booking as well, and additional emails can be added there.  semicolon (;) and comma (,) are acceptable separators.

Room Fee

For a while now you could set a flat fee to add to each booking.  There is now an option to apply that flat fee to each room in the booking instead. This is set in the tariff set, i.e. admin -> tariffs -> tariffs. Only applies to lodges that book by room.  If you book by bed, you can set a per-guest fee instead.

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