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Member Password

You now have the option of requiring members to use a password when signing in to the booking service. Their surname disappears from the login form, and member number and password are used instead. Of course there is a link to enable members to recover their member number by email, and to receive a new password by email. If you are interested in turning this option on, talk to us first so we can help you decide how to get started. 

Terms and Conditions

If you need a checkbox on step 4 of the booking screens to confirm that members or customers have read and accepted your booking rules or terms and conditions, you can switch this on via admin -> site config -> club details -> URL Terms & Conditions.

Waitlist Handling

When a booking is cancelled, a check is made for waitlisted bookings in the same dates.  If there aren't any that could be accommodated, the cancelled booking goes straight to fully cancelled status, i.e. the beds/rooms are not held.  In the email you receive with information about the cancelled booking, you can tell whether the beds are held or not.  If the booking status is CANCELREQ then the beds are held because there are waitlisted bookings. If the status is CANCELLED then there are no waitlisted bookings.  Some clubs with special configs will see CANCELLED for bookings even when there are waitlisted bookings, you know who you are.

Principal Member

If you have multiple family members separately listed in your member database you can now nominate one of them as "principal member".  This does two main things, 1. as admin you can click between family members quickly when editing member details 2. There are two options for invoice consolidation (a) annual subscriptions and (b) bookings. When one of these options is turned on, relevant invoices are added to the Principal Member's balance. This makes things easier when all the family's annual subs are paid in one payment.

Coming soon: The Principal Member can edit their family member's records.

Getting Support

Between 5th March and 11th April I will be travelling in Japan, but available in all the usual ways.  My mobile number 0412703483 is best for Australia, while I'm overseas use 0489912085.  Google Hangouts is good too. The team at home are looking after the infrastructure and working hard at the new framework while I'm away.


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