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Display of individual beds

Some of our clubs display individual beds for booking, in some or all rooms. Up to now the display of each row in the booking matrix is uniform, and we have had a few requests to "group" the beds so the rooms are more obvious.  This is now available via CSS styling in the left column where the rooms/beds are named, so get in touch if you would like to pick out rooms or sections of your matrix.

BTW if your matrix only shows one row per lodge then this doesn't apply to you.

Getting Support

Between roughly 10th October and 20th October I'm passing support over to George while I help sail a boat from Vanuatu to Australia. If you are preparing annual reports or getting summer seasons ready (Winter season for our northern hemisphere club) it would be a good idea to get in touch before then, or wait until after. You can contact George in my absence via support@cbdweb.net but as George has only worked on the new version of the booking service, he isn't familiar with the old front-end and won't be able to help with that, but let him know if anything stops working.

Best way to get support before then is email to support@cbdweb.net or phone 04 8991 2085 which is our new support hotline (except the phone won't be answering while I'm at sea).

Your admin warnings

After you login as admin, there is a page that should mostly be empty tables. If there is any content, it needs to be followed up, don't ignore it.

We recently added another table, that applies to book-by-room lodges. If any person in a booking isn't allocated to a room/bed, the booking will appear in this list. Normally this can't happen because your guests are choosing a room when they book, but if you moved them out their room while rearranging allocations, you can forget to put them back into a room. This is not good because your lodge can then be overbooked and people arrive without a room available. Click on the edit icon to find the manage booking page, from there click on "open in room allocation" and put the guests back into a room/bed.

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