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Planning for new features

We invite feedback on some new features we are considering. Would your club use it? Input into how the feature would work.

Share Registry

This feature will track shares and keep a history of who owned each share. "who" being an entry in your member database, which can include past members by using a "Past member" memberclass that has no booking rights. You would be able to view the history of an individual share since it was created, and view the shareholding history of a member, create new shares, destroy shares and transfer shares (including handling a share with no owner, e.g. forfeited by the previous owner and not yet sold to a new owner).  Any ideas on features you would need to make this useful are welcome.

Affiliate Lodges

Do you give reciprocal "mates rates" to another lodge? If so we plan to make it possible for members of that other lodge to login to your bookings using their normal login details and see only the appropriate rates. Both lodges, yours and theirs, will need to be using the CBDWeb booking service for this to work, of course.  Please get in touch if this would be useful for you, as we need to find out what types of rules you have in place to regulate the reciprocal bookings.

Credit Card payments

As we plan to upgrade the eWay interface to a later version, there may be opportunities to introduce new facilities. Clubs using Paypal may consider shifting to eWay which can be lower cost if your credit card turnover is greater than about $500,000 p.a.  

Features may include (a) members can store credit card details for use in future bookings (these won't be held on our servers, but will be held by eWay) (b) admin may authorise payment from saved credit card details for waitlist bookings or deposit-paid bookings that fall due.


HTTP is the padlock (also called SSL) that you see to indicate your connection is encrypted. We are introducing this to all booking sites progressively.  No need for you to update links, it will all happen like magic. 

Head of Family

Proposed feature: Edit a member and select any other member as "head of family".  No, we aren't reintroducing the patriarchy and if anyone can think of a better term please suggest.  This will display so as admin you know different member entries are related. More importantly, you can opt to have all invoices generated to the one account - makes it possible to pay online with a single payment.

Upload EFT payments

No comment needed on this one - soon you will be able to manipulate a spreadsheet that you download from your bank and use it to create receipts when members pay online. This will need the member number, or a booking ID in the "narrative" field that the member enters when transferring funds, which you can supply manually if the member gets it wrong.

We also plan very soon to make confirmation of all bookings automatic when an EFT or any other manual receipt gives a member a zero or credit balance. This duplicates what happens when a member pays their outstanding balance online using a credit or debit card. This will also occur if a member cancels a booking and receives cancellation credits that remove any debit balance, so their other TENTATIVE bookings will confirm automatically.


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