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The office is (once again) temporarily relocated to Japan this time with skis in the bag. The best ways to get in touch until 21st February are:

1. email as usual

2. Google Hangouts, invite nikdow@gmail.com if we haven't used Hangouts together yet.

3. 03 9948 4039  Strangely enough this number follows us around and takes messages, whereas our AUS mobile doesn't roam to JPN, so don't call 0412703483.

4. 0489 912 085 - this is our roaming phone number.

Mobile and Tablet web app

This is temporarily turned off while we rewrite and provide a better system. While the original mobile app was OK, it needs improved usability. It is also causing a lot of extra work because it's a separate app, so we are folding it back into the main architecture, as part of an overall re-write of the system. To get there quicker, we suspended maintenance on the old mobile app. You can make bookings on a tablet using the full screen system, on a phone though the small screen makes it bit hard.

Apologies for the gap in mobile services, but it will come back better than ever.

Admin emails transaction statement

If you would like to see the member's last 5 transactions in the email you receive when a member books, include %STATEMENT% in the email format. Anything that helps you with relevant information saves you time having to login and check for issues, so if it will help, please use it.  To edit the admin email formats, go to admin -> site config -> email formats.  Unlike most of the email formats, admin emails are just simple plain text, not doubled up like the other emails.

Setting 5 & 7 day discount tariffs

We have made this a bit easier for clubs that give discounted rates for 5 or 7 nights, and also made it possible to have both of these types of discount active simultaneously. Plus you can decide whether 7 nights needs to start on a Fri/Sun or can start on any night. Clubs already using this feature have had their tariffs updated so you don't need to do anything (but checking your tariffs are correct is always a good idea).


CBDWeb Alpine Bookings
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