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Major update

Yesterday we upgraded all clubs to change the way guests are stored. You won't notice much change but the revision opens the way for a number of enhancements to be delivered in the near future. If you do see any problems please let us know ASAP.

There is a small change to the "allocate rooms" screen, that's where you drag-n-drop bookings and guests to rooms and beds and between lodges. Now if you drag a single guest and drop onto an already occupied space, they will swap if possible. That used to be the case within a single booking, it now swaps across bookings. The swap isn't possible if the dropped on area contains guest(s) who clash with bookings still in the vacated bed. 

The next enhancement will be to this screen, giving you the ability to split a booking or an individual guest into two or more date ranges and put them in different beds within the booking, i.e. guests can change beds during their stay. This is the most common request we have had for enhancing this screen since it was introduced.

Cancellation credits - cutoff?

We had a question about the exact cutoff when a member cancels and a credit may be issued.  The cutoff is at midnight because the current day number is used, clock time is ignored.  So if you allow a credit if a booking is cancelled 7 days prior, the cutoff is at the end of the day whose day-number is 7 less than the first date of the booking. 

Where have my old tariffs gone?

With the transition to our new tariff system, you can find any tariffs entered under the old system via admin -> tariffs -> optional extra tariffs. This screen used to show both optional extra and accommodation tariffs, and is still useqd to enter optional extra tariffs.

Customer member fields in bulk emails

If you have defined "custom" fields in your member database, these can now be included in emails sent to members via admin -> member & transaction -> bulk email. Use the selector above the edit area to select and insert the required token.

Optional extras start/end dates

Optional extras now have an optional start/end date. If you specify these fields, the optional extra will only show for bookings that overlap with the date range selected. This is perfect for once-a-year events such as Christmas Dinner in July.

If unspecified they show as 0000-00-00 or blank. We intend to give you a date picker but ran into trouble making that work, so it's on the list for a future enhancement - for now, enter dates as yyyy-mm-dd (don't omit any leading zeros).

Email - outbound

We use Amazon Web Services for our web hosting, and also use their Domain Name Service (DNS). Some of our clubs have asked us to look after their DNS, which we recommend as it makes it easier for us to make changes where necessary, and we don't charge for this service.

We have recently implemented DKIM signing for outbound emails, which makes it less likely an email will be misclassified as spam by the recipient's mail server. It also helps to maintain the reputation of our mail server more generally, benefiting all clubs.

So far DKIM is implemented for clubs which

1. use our DNS and

2. don't originate emails from elsewhere, i.e. the only sender of emails from the club's domain name is our server.

Domains that are now set up for DKIM are:


If you have had problems with members or guests not receiving emails or finding them later in their junk folder, and you aren't on the above list, give us a call to see what can be done. 

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