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For this winter we have added ten new clubs, our largest expansion in a year to date. Thanks for placing your trust in us to provide a flexible, comprehensive and reliable booking service. This has kept us busy, including writing a number of new features which are detailed below.  With so much new development in the system, we have protected established customers from the changes until the bugs are ironed out, so your booking service may not have all the features listed below - yet.

Earlier this year we transferred all booking services to our new, larger server on the Amazon Cloud. It has been performing well during the busy start to the booking season.

New features for your Alpine Booking Service

  • Non-member member-classes. You can designate one or more member classes as "non members". People in these member classes get public rights, e.g. open dates for booking, tariff choices etc, but they can login, run a balance, view all their bookings etc.
  • Tidied up miscellaneous email senders - no longer use the bulk email to members sender as the default for various other emails.  Go to site config -> email details and check the default email sender. (for some clubs, sender's name field is still on the way...)
  • Tariff types are no longer classified as "public" or "member" but can be shown depending on the access level logged in. So for example, you can designate tariff types that only admin can access.  Your existing settings are unchanged but you now have more flexibility.
  • Book-by-room lodges can now use the allocate rooms page, which gives you a graphical representation of bookings, similar to the step 1 matrix but with more information. admin -> bookings -> allocate rooms. This page has also been enhanced to allow you to choose which status of bookings to display (tentative, confirmed, etc).  Useful when sorting out members bookings at the start of the season.
  • reminder (before arriving) email normally sent a set number of days before arrival. Now also goes out overnight if bookings are made close to the time of arrival. 
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